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What happens to the ones that don't sell? Save for next season or blow the trailer sky high?

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'Yoke' is Irish slang. In previous generations it was just a generic term for any small thing. These days it's more often slang for pills. Last week there was some sort of legal technicality in Ireland that resulted in a bunch of psychoactive drugs being temporarily legal.

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Did you know anyone before you left who remembered the era before the war? I imagine the Japanese occupation was just as oppressive for most people.

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They actually do. Remember just how poor and how economically isolated North Korea is. That said, Western tourists are a drop in the bucket compared to Chinese tourists who visit one of a couple resort areas set up for them. All the money made from this goes directly to the state.

North Korea otherwise has almost zero legitimate trade. There is a lot of underground money going there - some gambling parlors in Japan are run by ethnic Koreans who sympathize with the North, and the North has their hands in the illegal drug trade.

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Someone must be brigading this thread if they're downvoting bindaetteok.