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I note this hasn't been answered so ill put forward my view as a UK solicitor.

If you know the client is guilty (ie they told you they did the crime) then you cannot represent them in bringing a defence that they didn't. Solicitors and barristers have an overriding duty to the court and must not mislead the court for fear of punishment.

However, if the client says he didn't do it, all you can do is advise him on the evidence against him and represent him the best you can.

There are always cases where you "know" a person did commit a crime as the evidence is overwhelming. But if they instruct you that they didn't do it, then you do your job.

Hope that makes sense

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100% of all domestic accidents happen in the home

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Much obliged, my learned friend

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Yes-solicitors are required to take the Legal Practise Course whilst barristers take the Bar Vocational Course

Source-I'm a UK solicitor

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Technically yes but it is read "R v X" and spoken "Crown v X"