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Do you ever get good looking clients who you actually look forward to fucking or who genuinely please you?

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To be honest OP I'd be opposed to him going free. I know you've forgiven him and that's wonderful. The fact still remains that he tried to murder an unarmed innocent man. It takes a real cold blooded type of individual to pull that off. This isn't someone you want released back into society. There's an innate lack of respect for human life in this guy and IMO that's not something that can be taught or rehabilitated even after 23 years. I'm all for rehabilitation and reform for inmates who have made mistakes but not cold blooded murder.

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Had he just robbed him then that's an acceptable excuse. However unless there is some elaborate backstory it appears that the guy attempted to kill him with absolutely no regard for human life. I just don't see why the guy had to shoot him. Now if OP was like one of those dummies you see on the Worlds Dumbest Criminal shows who try and fight with the armed gunman, then that's an entirely different story. OP mentioned that the guy just shot him without any reasoning. To be quite honest when you have a case that is beyond reasonable doubt, I think assholes like the perp should be executed.

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I hope you have time to respond to this. I have a 2nd interview with HP next week for a software support engineer position. Do you have any advice or suggestions? How is it working for HP? Is it overall a good company to work for?