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Thank you for replying! That's what my wife likes to do, think I'll do it, too. :-p

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Hi Governor Polis - first of all, thank you so much for your incredible leadership during this period. So many of us feel incredibly lucky to have you at the helm right now.

I live in Boulder County and am very fortunate to have lots of trail space only a few miles from my house. With more than the usual amount of trail users out and about (especially on weekends), it's been hard to keep quiet when a hiker isn't wearing a mask and isn't practicing social distancing. How would you speak to someone like that who you saw on a hike? I'm not advocating social shaming, but there really seems to be a difference in attitude for a lot of hikers about the safety of others - especially when it's a pack of people with no masks and dogs off their leashes!

Separate question - what are you thoughts on opening up Boulder's streets to businesses this summer, per Musk's opinion piece in the Daily Camera?