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Did they try to smear your reputation in any way?

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I'm not sure if you're serious or not, but in case you're not just joking, I'll explain.

"Insurance" is to make sure nothing happens to your business or property.

As in, "It'd be a real shame if someone were to come in and fuck up your strip club. I'll make sure that doesn't happen for a couple thousand, a month."


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They've been found crossing the northern border as well. Due to Canada's stricter gun laws, there's a big profit to be made smuggling.

There also seems to be increased gun violence along the southern border of Canada, but it's harder to draw any certain conclusions from that as the majority of the population lives near the border.

Homicides in Toronto spiked to 80 in 2005, from 64 in 2004, and the majority were shooting-related. About 70 percent of the guns used were handguns and automatic weapons smuggled from the United States, police say.


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Can confirm. Am not sober. I've lost 3 friends to sobriety. I know we had great friendships but they are much better off sober than friendly.

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Now I feel even worse for Australians. They're kicking people out of government positions for holding dual citizenship.