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Can’t use weed.

Whelp, there went 95% of the Reddit 'hopefuls'...

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Panic attacks suck. It's really difficult to convince yourself you aren't one or two moments away from dying. There is a sense of impending doom and dread.

My first one happened on the way to work one day. The second, I sped through traffic to a hospital. The doctors finally told me what was going on. My blood pressure was all over the place, like 200/100, then low. I felt like my head was an inflating balloon. My heart was pounding.

I eventually just got a notebook and wrote down the symptoms, and what I had been eating and drinking that day. Also, what the environmental conditions were... sunny, or rainy? Bright or dark? Like that...

I was finally able to discover that, when I would drink a sugary drink on a bright day, or had sudden exposure to really bright sunlight, or had drunk a LOT of caffeinated sodas, I was ripe for an attack. My life was also very stressful at the time, with working full time and being in school working on a master's degree.

I haven't had one in many, many years, but I still get the occasional bout of anxiety. What really helped was removing toxic situations from my life.



His name is ALAN TURING.


In your travels through war zones, I would imagine you are personally not armed. However, you most likely have escorts who are armed.

Can you explain this dichotomy?

I am especially interested in your positions regarding arming/disarming of civilians? In your experience, are armed civilians more or less likely to increase the likelihood of mass conflict? Do they serve as an effective deterrent to government abuses?


I thought that about the FJ60 Land Cruiser, as well. Then, I got a 2001 Chevy Suburban K2500.

I still have the Sub.