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I've not heard of this before. I went to the website and downloaded it to have a look, as I tend to appreciate introspective things. I read the questions on the first 4 pages then began to wonder "How long is this thing?", so I looked at the side bar. It's 20 pages long. 😳

Nope, I can't do it. I cannot maintain focus or interest for that long and have far too many other things to get done today (and everyday). This would take an entire day for me to complete and I still have no understanding of what the purpose is. The first question of Go through last year's calendar week by week - was I supposed to be keeping a diary of events? I can't recall what I had for dinner two days ago, how am I supposed to remember every week over an entire year??

Is there a condensed, ADD appropriate version?

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Thanks for your reply. This makes far more sense than the booklet did.

I get the idea of taking time to assess things that are taking up space (emotionally and physically), and clearing those out for things that actually matter. I just need a far more condensed method to attempt this.

For instance, on Saturday I cleaned my sizeable pantry. Pulled everything out and tossed what I didn't need or was expired. Everything that went back in found order and organization. It took me months to build up the emotional energy to do this (I have chronic, severe, treatment resistant depression, so everything is hard, and only recently realized I also have ADHD). The idea of cleaning my entire kitchen, however, is an impossible thought. Same with this booklet. I can do 3-5 pages of introspective writing, but the thought of 20 pages of open ended questions makes me just want to set it on fire and walk out into traffic. For the protection of my own mental health, I deleted it.

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That's the thing with depression and ADD, though. If I set something down, the odds of coming back to work on it again are maybe 10%. I have to be pretty passionate about something to come back to it at all.

But that's why I created my own shorter version. Gets all the points across I need, without taking hours and hours to complete.

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Ok, I wrote out a much shorter ADHD/Depression capable version, but decided to just post it elsewhere to avoid stealing the thread here. They appear to be doing a positive thing and asking for nothing in return, which I can always accept as reason enough to do something.