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How long do you expect this quarantine/hide in your house/don't go out to last? The company I work for cannot close completely because we would all lose our benefits, so they have staffing down to a skeleton crew and I am one of the unlucky ones sent home for at least 3 weeks with no pay. Why so long a timeframe for many places if the recommended quarantine period is only 14 days? I understand the need for high risk people to keep themselves home, and for those that are infected or may have come in contact with an infected person to stay home, but when does it end? Why can't healthy people be able to go about business as usual, being extra cautious and still clean and careful? I am the sole provider for our household, and now we have to totally replan our next few months.

Also thank you, for the AMA and for the hard work that you do.

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Thank you for your thoughtful response! It is hard, my daughter is 5 and is supposed to register for kindergarten this month to start in the fall. She has one final round of immunizations to get at her next checkup before she starts. Now I do not want to take her to her doctor's office because it will take clinic time away from people who are sick and really need it, and the risk of her getting sick from that environment as well. Also the schools here in Ohio are closed for at least 3 weeks and talking about being closed for the rest of the school year, so I cannot take in her forms even if I was able to get her records updated. The rest of the school year!!! Do they expect this to go on for months and months? I don't know how we will be able to financially carry on indefinitely... although I am sure I will have many fun My Little Pony adventures while stuck home.