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ADameToCarryFor43 karma

Based on your experience and research, what have you found to be some of the best and worst ways to prevent forced marriages?

Furthermore, in Denmark, where I live, traditions like forced marriage is branded as uncivilized and terrible, but did you find some cases of forced marriages where both parts were happy? Where it wasnt as bad as the European conensus make it?

Thank you :)

ADameToCarryFor30 karma

Ah I see, so there's also a distinction between forced and arranged marriages to take into account.. that seems like a very difficult line to balance between. When is it forced and when is it arranged? Is it "just" about consent from the girl/woman?

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Ah of course, I must have assumed that its mainly an issue for women - maybe that says something about the painted picture in my country. Are you going to continue working and reporting on this topic and investigate other countries, or was this enough for you?

ADameToCarryFor3 karma

Thank you - Im sure that will be interesting to read. Good luck in the future with your work and thank you for doing this AMA!