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That's a great question! That depends on why I'm against it. If it's a policy-forward event, i.e. the vast majority of protests throughout the country on either side it is a fairly easy thing to do: show up, set up my equipment, figure out what and where to be.

If it's an event that is against my personal beliefs for various reasons (i.e. violence against people walking by, violence that is above and beyond what's "deserved," intimidation, etc.) it becomes a bit more difficult but the last few months I've very much learned that at the end of the day the quieter I am, the more of the "truth" of the event is going to come out.

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Several questions here! All great ones, and to be honest I thought the tougher ones would come a bit later on.

Earlier in my work, I'd argue that those are concerns that would have been more applicable. I've toned down my work considerably, and am primarily silent during events as I agree that earlier work did confuse and/or muddy the waters a touch. As far as "confronting" police officers(which I no longer do outside of advocating for my own safety), while I myself do not do so I don't think that verbal statements should be held against someone ID'ing as press.

As far as the "Weezy" situation, that was absolutely a learning lesson for me. I had originally reported his death due to messages from his account, and a phone conversation from his mother. After there were some concerns brought up, I immediately went into investigative mode and was one of the people who was instrumental in locating him.

I am not personally a person who doxxes police officers or counter-protestors outside of ID'ing the last names of police officers, and have not personally doxxed any counter-protestors or protestors.

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I’m blessed in some ways in that I don’t work specifically for any one person.

I point my camera at whatever I think is the most newsworthy thing going on at that moment: it can occasionally be difficult(more like 99.5% I’d say) to balance, say a speech that’s going on while a small amount of protestors are confronting police for example.

I tend to move heavily towards arriving early and getting speeches and such when I can, in case I don’t have that opportunity later.

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Thanks for asking! I get paid several ways:

1) Through the use of selling footage to other networks.

2) Through a "donations from viewers like you" model- I list my CashApp/Venmo on my main social media handles. I'd consider this more of a "tips" than paid.

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It also bears mentioning that much like @itsabeeinaboat I would say that if 5% of what I shoot all ended up being utilized in some way I’d consider it to be a very productive day.