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I'll take the one horse-sized duck, providing its on dry land.

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Criticism of ideas and beliefs is different from criticism of individuals or communities who hold and apply those beliefs, though both kinds of criticism can be justified if they are supported by good reasons. Criticism of Islam (the religion) and Islamism (political Islam) and any Islamists who commit horrible crimes (terrorism, murder etc) is as justified as criticism of any other belief system and what happens in its name, and of the people who apply those beliefs if their application is harmful. Hostility to a community or its members just because they are Muslim is not acceptable; one might disagree with a community's beliefs, but that is not a reason to be unfriendly to those who hold them peaceably.

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I'm rather hopeful that we are in the process of outgrowing religious ways of thinking about the world and humanity within it - the religions have their roots in early pre-scientific efforts at explanation, and their continuance in many ways stands in the way of further progress in human development. So in the future - not quite yet, but I hope not too far off - we can live on the basis of a sympathetic understanding of the human condition, and a rational appreciation of the way the world works.

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Yes I do call myself an atheist. - By the way, the word 'atheist' is the theists' word for anyone who disagrees with them. The quarrel between theists and atheists is about metaphysics, that is, about what exists in the universe. The theist says that the universe contains (or has attached to it) supernatural agencies or entities of some kind (gods, goddesses, angels, demons), the atheist says that there are no grounds for accepting such a view, but - rather - very good grounds for rejecting even the intelligibility of such a view.

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Almost any similarity to Immanuel Kant has its advantages.