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1)...have you heard of this? Yes, the SR-71 preformed the EAA airshow at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It had a major malfunction and landed in Milwaukee. The vibration you felt was probably the plane flying low and the afterburners kicking in.

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  1. Can you describe the experience of flying at those altitudes? To me the videos and pics I've seen of it can't be doing any justice. First of all, it is extremely quiet in the cockpit, you could hear a pin drop. The view is spectacular, being able to see the curvature of the Earth and the black space above filled with stars.

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The engines and most of the noise was behind you, behind the sound barrier. The cockpit was pressurized and the suit helped insulate nearly all noises. Thanks for asking the question!

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How it feels like to fly at altitude of 85,000 feet for the first time? I mean, at this altitude you can see Earth's curvature and you are literally at the edge of space. Is it impressed you very much? The view from 85,000ft was tremendous. I will always have on memory those views from the cockpit. During the day, if you looked directly above you, you could view the stars.

Your english is great. Thank you for the question

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  1. What was the most tense moment from your time flying the SR-71? I was on a mission over in Okinawa Japan, and heading to Russian territory, and three Russian MiG-25s came to intercept me in the air. However, they could not reach our altitude, and we stayed on course.

  2. What surprised you the most as you got into the program and trained to fly the Blackbird? The thing that surprised me most was the precision to fly the airplane. In order to fly the SR-71 you had to be on track almost 100% of the time, no off course. Nothing like Vietnam, where you could fly a F-4 all across the sky.