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ABirdOfParadise16 karma

There was that video of him singing with a choir.

ABirdOfParadise10 karma

That's how I got my username!

ABirdOfParadise8 karma

Mine died, I got another pair though because amazon had it for 30 and I wanted something more portable than my a900x

ABirdOfParadise8 karma

Wait... then why bother with LASIK?

Sounds like ICL is more flexible, and has almost none of downsides that LASIK might have.

ABirdOfParadise5 karma

Though if you have a choice you should take the lump some, because money now is worth more than money later.

An extreme example would be like if you won 100 million Zimbabwe dollars in like the late 90s. A decade later you couldn't even buy a loaf of bread with that annuity.