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Hi Mr.Whitacre!

Would you consider writing for a different medium (i.e theatre)? I think that could be really intriguing!

Thank you so much for your beautiful music. I love singing it and I love hearing it. Thank you again.

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Hi! I remember seeing you in ITH as I was first getting in to Broadway and I haven't looked backed, so thanks for that!

I saw you in Merrily We Roll Along a few years ago. What was it like working with Sondheim and such an awesome cast?

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Hi Mr.Danieley,

I am a huge fan of your work. Your performances in N2N and Curtains were so beautiful, and they really left an impact on me. I'll be seeing you in The Visit next month and I can't wait!

My question for you is about where you see the future of theatre heading. I am relatively young (19) and as much as I love and see the value in musicals that deal with darker subjects and teach really valuable messages, I know that less and less young people want to see that on stage. Do you see there being room for these musicals to thrive in the future? It scares me that shows that changed my life and taught me so much (like N2N and Sunday in the Park) will simply not be able to make it to Broadway 10-15 years down the line as Broadway becomes more and more commercial in nature. To add on to that, what can I do to make a difference in the space and make sure young people see these shows short of producing them myself?

Thank you!

P.S I think you would be a badass Hedwig. Thoughts on that?