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I have enough booze to last me a month, or drink myself to death... whichever comes first.

Thanks for the responses. Cheers!

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We all know the Alaskan Way Viaduct is toast, but are any of the other major transport routes in the Seattle area particularly vulnerable? I-5 ship canal bridge? I-90 floating bridge? Is Seattle going to be completely cut off if the big one hits? Is it time to move to Spokane?

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Have you found any major differences in how humans react to naturally occurring psychedelic molecules vs. synthetically developed molecules? What is your take on so many psychedelics companies now entering the market and trying to patent every little thing, will that encourage mental health treatment innovations or limit the broader societal benefits?

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What would you like to see come from the release of the Pandora Papers? As a regular citizen living under a clearly corrupt system, I'm at a loss for what can even be done.