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Dude. We were at that gas station last week on our way to Skaftafell. Thanks for being there - we were running really low and we had no idea if there was anywhere to fill up before we had to make the return journey back to Reykjavík.

If you saw a silver Suzuki Swift last week leaving the gas station the wrong way then yes, it was driven by tourists. Out of interest, how do you get back out onto the 1 to go East, and not back towards Vík? Would be useful to know when we come back to visit..

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It's not the UK way.

I'm extremely proud of my country for this.

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I call myself agnostic. I have given plenty of thought to the matter - I think about it most days. Please don't try and speak for everyone.

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Do you have any tips for managing anxiety about public speaking where the audience cannot speak back - for example, a webinar, where all participants besides the presenter are muted?

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Does it affect your balance in any way?