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Hi Jesse. Love reading your work in the NT Times and ProPublica. What do you think about Lawrence Lessig's approach? I'm assuming you are familiar with him. He seems to think not much will change unless campaign finance is addressed, and in ways that go beyond the Amendment propositions. The reason i wonder, is because it seems implausible that there will be a majority of Elizabeth Warrens in Congress, as long as big money can block challengers to other Wall Street sympathizers. Do you think the Warrens and Sanders can accomplish the job without massive campaign reform? Can they put enough heat on the regulators and AG to prosecute effectively?

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Thanks for your reply. Yea, I'm not sure there's a silver bullet. I'm also thinking about changes to the revolving door and the recent problem of the reverse revolving door, as well as incentives for bank CEOs to go straight into regulation. Also considering making legislators granting equal access lobbying a requirement. Not sure how much of this can be accomplished, but trying to assess its feasibility. You are right, trying to get the public mobilized is difficult. It's very complex.

I'm with you on the prosecution, just trying to figure out how to put pressure on them to actually do it.