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How does the rat learn to tell the difference between a mine and, say, a mine-shaped rock?

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Have you seen allergies towards a particular flower become more common over the years? What are the safest bets if your SO wants flowers but hasn't shared allergy info with you yet?

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No, I mean that Mogadishu and Somalia in the mid-late 90s killed off the US's taste for terrorists in the Middle East, hence why US wouldn't have been interested in costly action vs. Bin Laden and his associates until after a major attack on US soil. 9/11 reignited US will to intervene in those places.

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Bin Laden was famously found to have a certain group of games and anime on the hard drives recovered in 2011. Was it ever determined if these were watched by the man himself or just his family?

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Stratfor published an article in 2016 that describes geography as being the main driver for "American Imperialism" as most people see it today, rather than culture or moral beliefs. Do you agree with this assessment?

If not, what other factors play into it?

If you do agree with it, then what is your response to people who do look at Expansion as having a Cultural/Moral dimension to it?