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I've known three women who had herpes and dated two of them. In each case it had a pretty big impact on their romantic life I think. Not sure I believe OP's answer here. It sounds just a little too positive and jolly.

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Are you not worried that you keep saying you're going to release all of this damaging information in the near future? I think scientologists would consider that a threat, right? It would be safer to release it without announcing it beforehand I think, so that it's already out there and they can't stop it at that point.

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I wonder if seeing people die on a regular basis, as a normal part of a job at an ICU, somehow contributes to a potential serial killer turning into an actual serial killer?

Being exposed to death on a daily basis might make it seem less important, like less of a big deal. Sort of like the time I saw paramedics cracking inappropriate jokes and laughing at a horrific car accident, where people had died.

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Well okay then, upvote it is.

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I'm guessing it means accepting feedback, direction, suggestions, support, and that kind of thing. Sharing the captain's seat?

It's hard for me to imagine that so many men would not allow this kind of thing. They don't know what they're missing.