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I was a nurse at a fairly intense summer camp this year. We had one little person and I was worried because we were having issues with heat exhaustion and over exertion in the general population.

In particular many of the asthmatic kids would flare on the super humid days. Of which we had a lot.

Not having had any kind of specialty training or experience, I assumed our little person was at higher risk for both heat and breathing issues.

He ended up being fine! But I wanted to know if little people are actually at risk for these sorts of environmental stressors. Or what sorts of things I should look out for if I get hired back on next summer.

On a positive note our little guy ended up being super tough and something of a great comedian. The perfect skill set as we'd had some pretty rampant bullying.

The staff were relieved he had such great coping/social skills.

Ex: Day one he was given a bunk (lower side as we had ghetto old ones without ladders even) and a storage closet. The closets were pretty large having both shelves and a bar for hanging items. With even more shelves on top.

He turned to his counselor and said,

"hey, is this whole thing for me?"

And when the counselor was like,

'yeah buddy, all yours'.

He hopped inside and said "Cool! I always wanted a walk in closet!"

He killed as that was essentially his opener.

Sorry for the long read! Thanks for the AMA.

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To follow up on this reply,

Would that mean treating Adverse Childhood Events, or traumatic memories, might come down to memory modification in the future?

Would the effects of mapping memories be more like an eradication or have a tolerance building effect (like trauma therapy) by modifying the feelings associated with it?

Either way, holy Total Recall, Batman!

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Not everyone has to be funny. You seem pretty down to earth to me!

But seriously, with a little practice no goal is out of reach!

That's all I got.

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Do you program to help kids achieve results for school or more quality of life stuff? (Or both?!)

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Glad to see you made it through! Unlucky about catching Covid. Did you have any symptoms or were they hard to tell with the other health impacts you had going on?

If you were asymptomatic, do you think having had symptoms during your treatment would have changed things for you progress wise? Do you think you have any lingering effect re: long covidm