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Hey Mr. Krieger, I’m a huge fan of yours and of The Doors as a group. Listening to your songs was one of the main things that inspired me to become a guitarist myself. Something that I’ve noticed from being a Doors fan for a while is that people naturally assume Jim wrote all of the Doors’ songs, or all the hits anyway. It shocks some people when I reveal to them that Robby Krieger wrote Light My Fire or Love Me Two Times or Love Her Madly or Touch Me, the list goes on. My question is specifically about the song Runnin’ Blue. This song has always been one of my favorite Doors songs, and I’ve always thought of it as very underrated. equally interesting to me is the story of the song’s existence. Runnin’ Blue is notable for being the only Doors song with a singer other than Jim on lead vocals while he was alive. I’ve heard before that this is only because Jim showed up drunk to the studio and you had to sing in his place. Is it true that the opening line was improvised by Jim at a concert at the Winterland Arena in 1967? What was your inspiration to write the song, beyond the tragic passing of Otis Redding? Did Jim really show up too drunk to sing the lead, or had you planned to do it yourself earlier? Sorry for the length of my question, and thanks for reading.

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Thanks for the response!