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Hey Ray! I am 20 years old from India and I read you book. You reallly inspire me

I wanted to know Does only the passion for your work fuel you to work hard or it's grinding

Some people say do what you love and you would never have to work 1 day of your life Others say, work hard grind it out

What's the truth to all this ?

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Thank you Ray! You don't how how I happy I am that you replied to my question! I will definitely to meet you someday (if we both live long enough)

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And one more question. What makes a person great an others average Like there are millions of people who invest in stock market but there is only one Ray dalio or Warren buffet Let's say out of a hundred 50-70 choose to live a normal mediocre life.

But what makes someone 1 or 2 out of the remaining 40 Who becomes the best of the best because we can assume that at least 20-25 work equally hard.

Like Tom cruise out of so many struggling or medium level actors

What makes the difference Is it luck?

What is it that makes someone best of the best?