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Fell into it actually. Went to college for Audio engineering, joined IATSE (good guess below!), and started doing concerts. Neptune is a union house, so I started taking calls as a causal, eventually worked under the staging dept, and it took off from there! No schooling, which is rare for most techs.

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I personally didn't take a course for tech. If you live in a city, chances are there is an IATSE local who provide labour for concerts and such. Find out who the BA or vice-president is for that local, provide them with a resume (no experience is usually not a problem), and ask to work as a permitee. They will eventually give you a chance to work, as it's always the unions wish to hire keen members. The field is the best classroom!

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"A-house" is the highest ranking for a theatre, based on audience seating.

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Nothing major. Did have a show stopper on my first Christmas show as head of department. Had a pnumatic switch fail on a braking system for a revolving deck. Deck jammed halfway through rotation, had to bring i the show curtian so I could get on deck with a reciprocating saw and chop the brakes out. I hated it, audience loved it!

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Prep for shows, and working out any glitches that one may find. I operate a 60' fly tower, and with that comes alot of trust that needs to be earned from those who work under it. Providing a safe and professional stage is where I get my satisfaction from. That and designing interesting effects, like pyro displays and funky kabuki drops!