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have either of you ever smoked pot?

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Will previously convicted people of charges relating to this law be released early or have their punishments reduced?

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Do you see any problems arising from people in neighboring states because the laws will be different from one to the other? People taking advantage some how?

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Were you happier living in 1920-1960 or 1961-now quality of life wise

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I used to swear by Firefox, as 5 years ago it was great. I am still using it, but only just barely.. really considering moving to Chrome. The problem I keep having, no matter what computer I use is that eventually Firefox gets slow. It's a big issue and I've spent a lot of time googling it and seeing more and more about it. Is it ever going to get addressed? I'd really prefer not to use Chrome but I'm almost at my wits end. EDIT how about making a slim version and call it something else like fire cheetah?