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Thanks for having a great AMA, where you're answering all the great questions. What is the thing you hate most about Reddit today?

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All three if you don't mind, otherwise the company.

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"No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed."

I guess the Supreme Court has decided this does not apply to taxes, which is crap. Or are you talking about other countries?

Is my train of thought correct?

Thanks for this incredible AMA

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Schumer is a prick in so many ways haha. I'm glad you got help!

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I want to respectfully disagree. In my state, North Carolina the good stuff is outlawed. However everybody goes to SC and buys a whole shit load of them. I've never seen anybody being anything but careful with the large fireworks here and I don't think everybody should be punished for some people being retarded. Besides NC would get the tax money so the current state would be supported.