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Honestly... I have heard some horror stories about travels to Ukraine from the most bad ass adventurous travelers I know. In fact, I went to Cambodia with these same folks and they loved it and want to go back (Cambodia was cool, but I wouldn't go back personally). These friends I was mentioning had planned a trip across Ukriane but said from the moment they arrived it was one sketchy thing after another. They stayed in a hostel the first night and did not feel safe, so they they went to the nicest hotel they could find in the city for the next night. It also felt sketchy, and on that night they said someone set off fireworks in the hallwa ybut they could clearly hear gunshots and lots of commotion following. They assumed someone was killed. Needless to say they left first thing the next morning (too frightened to leave their room that night) and are never going back to Ukriane. Why not visit somewhere less dangerous next time? Also, they said it was the least convenient place they had ever visited and said they only met 1 person who spoke any shared language with them in their 4 days total they were in the country. They honeymooned by touring Chernobyl - these people dont complain about travels. I took their warning seriously.

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You're welcome to your own opinions, but since I have traveled with the people who told me this and have known them most of my life, I will believe their version of the events rather than your "guess" of what happened. I am only passing this along, because even if Ukraine is generally safe, it was not the experience shared by my adventurous friends. I would have added more detail, but honestly they were so shaken by the experience that I don't feel like all the details are mine to tell.

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Yes, they enjoyed Chernobyl a lot and their appreciation of the natural beauty and history of the area reason they went back to the region and visited Ukriane again later. However, they said their experience navigating the country on their own was a chilling one.

Hang in there, I hope you recover soon and feel well.