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Just wondering, are you aware of HPPD? I tried doing LSD to heal my trauma, and I ended up getting HPPD. I have visual snow, afterimages, trails, and tinnitus constantly. It seems like people with underlying trauma or PTSD do not sit well with some kinds of psychadelics

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Besides the Security+, what certifications are actually super important? Do you have any experience with coding, and if so is it possible to be successful in this field without knowing a thing about programming?

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I highly reccomend EMDR therapy for your PTSD. I used it for my bad acid trip and now when I look back at the acid trip it doesn’t bother me at all.

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Do you even think about your HPPD anymore? Ive had it for a year and 4 months. It used to be everyday i’d wake up thinking about it, now I don’t think about it nearly as much, however playing video games in the dark is when it’s at its worst.