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Can't believe one of the best living authors does an AMA and it gets so little attention.

What's your writing process? Do you edit as you go or at the end? How long do you usually spend writing per day, or does it not really work like that for you?

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I'll take a crack at probably why - it's definitely not meaningless, because it expresses a meaningful idea, but he doesn't think the view that it expresses is true. However, because whether this is true or false is outside the realm of our subjective experience, it may not be possible to call it true or false for certain; so he thinks it's false in some sense.

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Hi Prof Grayling,

I'm going to ask the same question that I asked over in this thread, going on at the same time. What is your opinion on Zizek?

If you can be bothered/have the time, it would be nice to know what you thought of Foucault also, but if not you can stick with Zizek!

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Do you think we have objective experiences?

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If we only have subjective experiences, then isn't saying something is outside the realm of our objective experience meaningless?

In Hicks's statement, he states that we are all part of one thing; but each of us are having subjective experiences. If each of us are having subjective experiences (e.g the experience of being a separate person/subject) then how can one subjectively know that they are part of a larger consciousness?