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What else are you going to do with the data? Will it be made available to law enforcement? Other researchers? Commercial development? Insurance companies?

If you are in the US, what measures will you take to prevent this data from being used by insurance companies to restrict access to medical services (under the guise of "pre-existing conditions")?

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I hear that! I'm trying to track down archaeologists who worked at a particular site during the late 1960's - early 70's for a research project. I'm having a tough time finding the women archaeologists, even though they were more than 50% of the teams at this time. The assumption of the people running the project today is (was) that the women dropped out of professional life... but if I can find them, they are generally professionals whose pre- and post-marriage accomplishments were assumed to be by two different people. It's driving me nuts.

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I'm so happy you've written this! Will this be available in our local stores or shall I go with mail-order?

Also, I heard about this place in a comedy play a few years back, but I'm NOT coming up with the name of the play. Do you happen to have run across it?

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Thank you! That's what it was - "The Women"! That divorce colony was in Nevada, not South Dakota. (Our local pro theater group does a mix of oldies and contemporary work.)

I can't wait to read your book. It sounds like something that NEEDS to be remembered.

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I hadn't heard of that, so I looked it up. Sounds neat!

My project is nothing dramatic, just helping set up for a long-long-overdue technical publication. I'd known that the "missing women" were a problem with genealogy, but I hadn't realized it would also affect documentation of modern, educated, often wealthy women so bleakly. My subjects are all archaeologists or archaeo grad students - there's not that many of them. It shouldn't be this hard.

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