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Can I join?

With housing costs the way they are in the west coast of the United States, it would be a great idea for maybe small groups of people, like 3-5, to get together and buy property they can live in. This could also be good for elderly people to live together instead of dying alone and lonely, single mothers could benefit from collective living too.

How in the world could I or anyone get the idea going that collective living could be the wave of the very near future?

How would a person start a collective in a city? How do you hold it together so people are invested in keeping it going and not have people floating in and out all the time? How do you make sure you have good, committed people?

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In the United States at least, public health campaigns say that people born between 1946 and 1964 are at a higher risk than the general public, to have contracted hep C.

Why would this be the case? Are they saying these people are more likely to have it or that they are more likely to contract it later, maybe because of increasing health care interactions?

Secondly, U.S. veterans (non era specific) are said to have triple the infection rate of hep C than the general public. Why would that be? (One source did single out Vietnam era, but veterans in general are also said to be a high risk group.)