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May I ask how you bumped your head? 2 years ago my teenage son fell back wards and hit his head on an asphalt parking lot. While we went through the difficult post concussive recovery he pretty much healed up. I say pretty much as I think he was forever changed in certain aspects of his life. His long term memory seems to be impaired and his ability to critically think his way though stressful situations took a hit...no pun intended. I am sorry for your situation and I'm thankful my son is at least functioning. Concussions are nasty things. I hope you recover soon.

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Really? Not possoble to be a bigger asshole. Nice work.

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Amazing project. I like to restore older cars (1958 MGA, 1976 BMW 2002 and a 1968 Ford Bronco) . It's about all the patience I can muster. Your project is awesome but way way beyond my ADD brain. Make sure you post the maiden voyage! Good luck the remainder of the project!