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4Someonesmom3 karma

Do you have a GoFundMe account? My stepfather, one of my most very favorite people, has been gone for 7 years now. He was an amazing man til the end. Very brave, would tell us he was bulletproof, I called him Super Man. He adopted the "Fuck It" mentality and wanted to do everything! His biggest dream was to have a motorcycle, rode when he was younger. My mom wouldn't let him buy one because they were dangerous. One of the greatest memories EVER is the day he unwrapped a leather jacket and a key with a Harley keychain. When asked what it was for, my husband and I led him out to the driveway. It was a beautiful moment and worth every penny.

I would love to help you do everything that you want to do, in any way I can. You're amazing. FUCK CANCER!