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Interested to hear his response, but I don't think Nick Leeson nor any of the more recent rogue traders did their bits for fun; I think it's driven more by egos seeking to find an edge on the competition, then feeling that sunken feeling on realising they are in a big hole. Then, as they try to dig their ways out, they find they are only digging deeper.

A cut-throat winner-takes-all and survival of the fittest culture in banking probably lays the foundations for this. Any industry that attracts people mainly for the lucrative earnings is probably going to attract rule breakers and risk takers, right?

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Do you think regulators will ever design protocols that impede/remove incentives for risk takers to bet the house on ever more crazy trades, or is it just something that we must come to expect and control for?

Or is banking now so full of compliance that such behaviour is basically such a pain in the ass that no-one can get away with it anymore?

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You are a hero, and also a mind-reader: I was just thinking about kidney donation yesterday evening!

To clarify, even considering organ donation (even upon my death) makes me feel all kinds of wrong I can't seem to put in to words right now.

I did, however, sign up for organ donation upon death after watching a compelling YouTube video some years ago. But all the same, just to think about donating any part of my body makes me very queasy.

I was wondering how it feels once you are fully healed and back at full strength; do you sense something is missing from inside? (Whether a physical absence or in a psychological sense.)

What sorts of pastimes many of us indulge in with reckless abandon, e.g. alcohol, drugs etc. are now off-limits for you?

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Do you say s-ow-dee or saw-dee?

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Well done you. Do you specifically state that people's experiences on drugs vary considerably based on personal tolerance, other bodily issues, and of course whether what they are taking is what they believe it to be?

Also I imagine you must have tried opiates given the sheer number you've taken; how did you stave off addiction?