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This is identical to my story... Didn't listen to the doctors, thought I was invincible... Dialysis for 3 years, but I got a transplant and have been fine ever since... Going on 13 years 👍👍 Take your meds, sauna's are your best friend, and find something else in your life to focus on... Something creative possibly, drawing, writing, design, etc. Good luck. Do you know what caused it?

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I've often wondered this... in a capitalistic society, people are in a race to succeed / money etc, where the individual is accountable for their own... and may have strong views agaisnt those who cant or wont follow in that same regard and require public assistance....

But in a society based system do you think the mindset and actions would differ in that there is now accountability spread throughout and that could lead to better assistance and more focused based society?

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Serious question - did you have to get SNL approval for this AMA?

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Do you think it was spent on Liquor and Whores?