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404ClueNotFound10 karma

How could Kim Jong-Un make the country a better place to live? And what, in your opinion, would it take to convince him to try?

404ClueNotFound5 karma

How do you like your current typing software? Have you ever heard of the Dasher project? Here's a video showing it used with an eyetracker.

From your pictures, it looks like the QWERTY keyboard would be easier to use than the scrolling madness of Dasher. Does your software do text completion for you -- for example, if you start typing "how...", would it suggest "are you?"?

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Have you heard of the American defector Robert Jenkins? What do you think of him and others like him?

404ClueNotFound1 karma

In this day and age, are you ever tempted by (or pressured towards) "sexier" or at least more contemporary projects like Android, Webkit, Mozilla, etc.?

Of all the open-source projects needing developers, why did you choose to work on a niche Linux distro instead of something more mainstream?

And are users ever grateful for your work? Do they even understand what you do?