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Some people look for paid NES coders to help hack+create their ideas on their systems, not only for NES. Pretty good programmers where I come from. Problem is 1. Budget. Programming is tedious. 2. And because it takes a long time to program something well, it's expensive. If you're not gonna pony up thousands a month for their work, you're not going to take priority over their own personal projects. Even if those are just for enjoyment/selfish. 3. They will not always produce a product as polished as their personal products, your design might be something they won't like and won't implement as best as you could, or anything of that nature.

As expensive as it is, it's best to learn C+SDL yourself and work small steps. You may be able to figure it all out. It's a lot to learn, but nothing is free+easy.

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Silverlight? Who was in charge of that horrid, un-portable design decision?

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Now that DirectX 12 is lacking the features of Vulkan, do you see it finally becoming the standard for...everywhere, instead of being the "ketchup" API? Do you believe DirectX 12 will under-perform when compared to Vulkan?