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How much sex goes on in back

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It.....it isn't? Bandwidth still requires energy to work, which generally I believe is in the form of electricity.... And more and more data is being transfered each day all over the world. As much as I am against being throttled, the amount of energy to produce the bandwidth the world is demanding each day is not magically created out of thin air.

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What comics are your reading at the moment?

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Instead of Facebook idiots posting on their own page "My thoughts and prayers go to the victims" and nothing more, what do you personally think would be a great idea to really make a positive impact and lift spirits of studenrs rather than scrambling for attention?

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The top comment didn't get answered really. How did you fund not one but three jobs? After the first company failed, how did you get the capital to fund the next one? Bank? Were you already in red from the last loan? After 2 failed companies, where did the capital come from for Honey? I've always wanted to start my business, but getting a load of significant amount usually comes with high interest.