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So glad Head is back.. <3

The new album is fucking brilliant... just.. keep... making... music. I need more of this stuff.

First of all I wanted to just say that having you play in my obscure Eastern European home town was the most exhilarating, unbelievable, and unapologetically non-exaggerating most exciting music experience of my life. Listening to KoЯn in Burgas, Bulgaria was a huge part of growing up and I never even for a second thought you guys would play on the very beach where the few of us KoЯn kids there threw our KoЯn themed parties. I feel very lucky. My body was under so much emotion people thought I took drugs. It is truly indescribable. Thank you.

  1. What do you guys think about the last few Deftones albums? Are there any plans for collaboration with them? That would be really epic.

  2. KoЯn Kovers - is this happening, ever?

  3. What do you think about metal nowadays? Things have changed a lot in terms of how people "consume" music, sales have also changed. Where do you think the genre is going to go from this point?

  4. Why don't you make "The Encounter" kind of a tradition? You're traveling the world touring, one way or another, you could just prep random places like fields, beaches, caves, streets, etc. around the globe... play songs and make them into a DVD.