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I've noticed that imgur seems to be molding into a Reddit in some ways. You have entirely separate user accounts, comments, upvotes and downvotes. Here is an example of what I am talking about

I can even browse all of the images in /r/funny by going here.

Is the above functionality designed to compliment the average redditor's experience, or is it designed for an entirely different set of users?

What separates the users that browse www.imgur.com/r/funny from those who use reddit's /r/funny?

What separates the imgur.com experience from Reddit? What, in your opinion, have you improved?

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The Tea Party had so much steam in 2010. Everyone was afraid of the Tea Party's political influence. Everything fell apart by 2012 and the GOP blew the Presidential election. What went wrong and what will you do to regain and maintain political relevance?

Separately, what is your response to the charges that you're speaking at an "anti-Semetic" conference?

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Having never seen/heard of My Dinner With Andre, I completely missed the joke. I was just as confused and pissed as Jeff was.

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The magnetic stripe card is now an icon of global cultural.

Has the fundamental technology behind in each stripe changed much?

How do you feel about developing a technology that has been such an integral part of everyone's life?

What is the next step?

Thanks in advance for your time and all of your accomplishments!

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If you need beer recommendations in San Fran just let me know.

I'm not local but I know who's making the sexy suds.

Wait this is an Ama so I need to ask something...

Why Alaska? What do you like about Alaska? What do you do on your down time in Alaska? Do they have good pizza up there? Do they put salmon and stuff on pizza? That sounds gross. What do you do when it's either dark or light for a super long time?

<3 Praise be the Alaskan admins and their ice lord skills