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Honest question: Is there high turn over? Why don't people quit and work some where else? I have had shitty jobs or bosses in the past and I would look around for another job was better and take a better job, or get fired and have to find a different job. Maybe Walmart or construction?
Are there not that many other equivalent jobs around?

BTW, thanks for sharing. There is some much discussion about Amazon it is interesting to obtain an inside perspective.

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That is a good point. It should be looked at on a state by state basis. Feds support, but most all the medical and social networks are at a state level.

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Have you considered adding more resolution?

I like this idea for larger aid and support services. I think it would more valuable with more resolution so I can use the data as an individual. I would like to know where the cases are in my city or neighborhood. If there are 10 people who test positive at my grocery store or gym in the last 3-4 days, then I could avoid those areas to avoid the virus. Just knowing there are a number of cases in a county may not be useful to me.

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Why don't they check the prostate at the same time they do the colon scope? Seems like a good time to take care of the business in that area.

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Thanks. Understood all that about the location of the parts, just seemed that seemed like a good time to take care of both tasks at the same time. I know many guys how avoid having the prostate check due to embarrassment or other issues and since you are knocked out, lubed, cleaned out, and positioned for a colon scope, seems like a great time to also check out the prostrate. It would be more efficient, avoid separate appointments, maybe save money, and increase rates of being checked.