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Thanks! Yeah she is trying to make herself disabled. I have epilepsy (controlled by medication with an occasional seizure every 4 years. But we are getting it straightened out :) I just got my license at 23 due to this and don't have quite the work history I wish I did.

So you can imagine how irritating it is to see someone who is TRYING to have epilepsy.

Thank you for the reply!!! ❤️

Puppers are so cute!

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Can you just get a dog?

Is there a register or paperwork?

(not ESL, but for a dog trained for emerged action and to help those with diagnosed disabilities)

I have a friend who has decided she has epilepsy and randomly got a puppy and has been telling her friends it's a service animal. She has leashes and vests that say service animal but no paperwork. It just seems very suspect to us all.

Thank you for your time and I hope everything is going well!!

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Okay thank you!

We suspect her "seizures" are panic attacks. She had CAT/EEG/MRI with nothing coming up abnormal.

And the way she describes doesn't sound like either type of seizure I am familiar with (petit and grand mal) - they really sound like panic attacks (I have those as well)

But thank you so much for all your insight and help! ❤️

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So just so I am clear: can I purchase a golden retriever as a puppy, watch YouTube and the internet, and train it to be a service dog?

Basically I just want to know if what she is doing is ethical.

Thank you so much for your time and help!