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This oddly sounds like sales. I thought the selling part was done with after signing the dotted line.

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Did you like the job? Were you ever worried about being robbed or some psycho trying to strangle you or something? Ever thought about driving a limo? Can driver be good money?

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Is there a way to ask to know which loans are federal loans and which are private?

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I wasnt trying to be a dick.

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I wasnt trying to be rude but, I can see how it could be interpreted as such. My understanding is that the job has to be rough. Phone calls are essentially give us money even though you don't any to give. It can't be a feel good job that's for sure. But then again you're on the federal loan side of things which have better options so maybe it is a feel good position to have. Reading your answers you do seem proud of the options available to people.