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Hi breislach, are you on our POIS forums? It seems the immunisation therapy has mixed results but is definitely helping some sufferers. Good luck!

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Not much choice of colour scheme though!

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I tend to just do once. Its usually worse if I go for it again. Actually a a fap is part of my coping strategy! I schedule it for when I know I'm not going to be too busy for a while or have big social events coming up. That helps get urges out my system so hopefully I'm ready when some important work/socials come up later

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Depends how busy I am! Seriously, these days especially if I have loads of work on or fun socials I guess I limit myself to once a month. Otherwise once every two to three weeks. Not ideal huh! But its a way to cope. The longest I've managed without is 3 months...somehow..

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:) It was a relief let me tell you! After a while of holding off one gets a bit restless to say the least.