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This would also depend on your definition of what is considered 'outperforming'. Energy consumption in relation to action? Or utility? and which utility is favored? Have you checked out limb James Young got in collaboration with the Phantom Limb project + Metal Gear Solid?! His arm does not 'outperform' a biologically traditional arm, but he can charge phones, unlock doors, pay for things, and fly and land a drone....

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How many employees are necessary for a corporation?

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Baths and Apparat are currently two of my favorites. I love hearing what other musicians listen to. Reminds me everyone is human.

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Check out E-Nable! They're a volunteer-run group that 3D prints prosthetic hands for children. The company Alleles makes custom prosthetic covers (that I believe are laser-cut) and kind of give you an idea of where these could go.

Lots of cool stuff happening in this space!

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Hey there! I got the pleasure of meeting you briefly and hearing you talk at an EFF fundraiser in Austin during Sxsw 2013. Just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do.