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nice weather we’re having

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I already had a record at that point and assumed i was pretty much fucked as far as pursuing a legitimate career (I was wrong). The money was obviously fantastic, but as we grew in size and began processing 30-40 orders a day the stress and paranoia started to set in. Would i do it again? No. Do I regret it? Also no.

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finish up my degree and get a job as a software developer/IT guy.

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My higher up was indicted on something unrelated to our operation, and snitched on pretty much our entire crew to get a reduced sentence, from 10 years to something far, far less.

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Not that we were aware of. I think during the course of our operation we were definitely on some radars but our identities weren’t known to authorities. I have no way of actually knowing this, but considering I wasn’t indicted until my name was handed over by my associate, I assume at the time we were fine.

What was curious though - Before alphabay was taken down (after we had already ceased operation), I’m fairly sure the feds had access to the server and let it run for months to collect customer data and whatever they could from vendors. I was told by an agent that we were one of the most wanted accounts due to our sales numbers and popularity.