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Point 1) That's how the law works though. If everyone knows that person X committed Y crime, but no charges are brought, or a case is dismissed, or there's a mistrial and no retrial, then that person did not commit a crime. DACA was a policy that was never declared unconstitutional, and now it's no longer a policy.

2) I really don't know much about income tax, but your point is a misunderstanding of delegated powers. Congress is the body that levies taxes, including income tax. The executive branch, including the president, is the one that enforces immigration law. Enforcement comes with discretion.

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Um nope, you're an idiot. *Three* weeks ago was the John Oliver episode featuring the Vietnam coronavirus song, which had already had time to go viral and start a dance trend. People knew about this shit. You decided to travel anyway, and now you're surprised for some reason.

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Why do you think Nacho joined the cartel in the first place? He seems like he lives a humble life and doesn't want anything other than keeping his father safe....what motivated him to join such a dangerous life?

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The government. https://www.dhs.gov/immigration-statistics/population-estimates/unauthorized-resident

There's a single study that estimates 22m.