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1) I've seen you speak passionately about education. As a current teacher, I want to thank you. As an advocate for our school systems, what's the one thing you think everyone should do to improve education in the US? Besides your mother, did any other teachers inspire you to become an advocate?

2) What do you think of TFA (Teach For America)?

3) Have you ever visited sites where water.org has implemented projects? Where, and what was the experience like? I am stationed in West Africa with the Peace Corps (teaching) right now- any chance water.org will be opening operations in the Republic of Guinea? We're up and coming!

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"We would never let businessmen design warheads, why would you cut out educators when you're designing education policy?"

Perfect. Absolutely. I'm framing this.

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Mostly you give them fluids and antibiotics and possibly some experimental treatments. Then you wait.

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That's really cool man. Think you could easily make candles in a low-resource environment? I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer who's got no fridge and no reliable electricity or running water- think I could do it?

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I work in a country with a pretty abysmal human rights record especially in their prison systems. I'm glad for the work Amnesty and similar groups do...thanks!