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2Zzephyr4 karma

Used (and still using) Photoshop CS6 for YEARS, (cracked, shhh) and I can't believe it doesn't open DDS. (All plugins I tried didn't work)

I had told a friend about Photopea months before, because they don't have Photoshop, and then one day I decided to, just for fun, try if Photopea opened DDS. And oh my god, it did. BLESS YOU!

Honestly my only question is if keybinds will ever be a thing? I'm SO sorry if it's already answered, or if they are and I'm unaware of it, I only use Pea for DDS, so not often at all.

But God knows how many times I'll CTRL+T to transform , but in Photopea, since it's web-based, it'll open a new tab and do something else and I'll just blink like "oh" . Or is there a way around keybinds? Like a way to disable browser keybind when on Photopea only?

Honestly I'm often tempted to move to Photopea for the rest of my normal editing stuff, and not just DDS. I think it's just out of habit of launching CS6 that I haven't yet.

2Zzephyr2 karma

Thank you for the info!! That's amazing. I'm definitely going to use it more, knowing the keybinds can work!

Eager to learn about those features too! Haha well said :p

Thank you for your answer and hard work!