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Hi Ricky, that’s an extremely unfortunate situation but I’m glad you made it through to the other side. I had a couple of questions if it isn’t a pain.

Were there ever any times you felt as though your life was at risk while serving this time?

Did you have your daughter before serving? If so, how did it feel knowing that you may not get out?

Finally after serving or even while serving did you ever consider trying to become a defender or prosecutor yourself? To hopefully combat the issue of injustice.

I hope all stays well and continues to prosper for you, Ricky and Sean both.

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I’m curious as to what kind of differences there are in the curriculum you teach in different countries, are they more open about their history than others? And since you have been in these places first hand what countries are doing better academically and how can we follow their footsteps?

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Amazing thank you I was extremely intrigued! Very cool to learn about other countries as I myself have never gotten outside of the U.S although I would love to.