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Do you think the incresed privatisation of space could be a big issue? Wealth inequality is already a massive probem. How do we stop it from getting worse when someone who is already obscenely wealthy (like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos for example) brings back an asteroid worth trillions?

I think it is clear that the opportunities from expanding into the solar system are practically limitless. Do you not think it is a problem to basically be handing it to people who are already privileged? Wouldn't it be much better for humanity if space exploration remained in the public domain so that all of society can benefit? Basically I'm imagining a (far?) future where the practically limitless resources that could potentially be extracted from celestial bodies could create a post-scarcity society, elevating all of humanity and perhaps even eliminating poverty vs. one where "the elite" just becomes more powerful and wealthy while the rest of us are left in the dust.